Volunteer Mason Needed

A volunteer skilled mason is needed for the rebuild of a home damaged by the storms of 2018 in York County. If you are interested, please contact Doug Hoy, the Susquehanna Conference Disaster Response Coordinator, at (717) 7766-7441, extension 3402 

Susquehanna Flood Relief

The definition of what constitutes a disaster varies widely. It can include emergency events originating from both natural and man-made sources that cause widespread disruptions or losses resulting in a negative impact on individuals and/or communities by overwhelming their resources and requiring external assistance. Some disasters can be small, while others can occur on a larger scale. The disruption and recovery process can be short-term or last for years.

Because of the diverse geography of the Susquehanna Conference, we are subject to floods, hurricanes, tornados, subsidence from old mines, and even terrorist attacks. We are also subject to severe snow and ice storms. Many critical roadways and rail lines, which haul vast amounts of hazardous materials, crisscross our conference. We are also home to nuclear and coal fired power plants, army and naval supply depots, the state capitol and several airports.

The Susquehanna Conference provides long term recovery as well as immediate relief to those impacted by disasters. Recognizing that disasters cause disruptions that can last for years and often create permanent changes in people's lives, the Conference works within a community to address both short-term and long-term effects and assist people as they recover, rebuild and adjust to change.

The church is not just four walls and a roof. People may never attend church but, in a disaster or time of loss, they immediately turn to the church for help. In a disaster situation the church can become not only a spiritual but also a resource hub of the community.

Please consider doing your part to provide physical as well as spiritual support to the communities and congregations of the Susquehanna Conference as they support the recovery process. Refer to the information below for specific information and specific needs.

If you are unable to join in the disaster response and recovery efforts, please pray for those who are affected and for those who are assisting in those efforts. Also, consider assembling relief kits (https://missioncentral.org/current-needs/) or providing financial support to the relief efforts by sending your donations to: Susquehanna Conference Disaster Response Flood Relief, 303 Mulberry Drive, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050, Advance #8055. All of these funds will remain within our area to assist in local flood relief efforts.

Flooding at Benton UMC - September 2018