World Hunger Task Force

100% of the Offering Goes to Hunger Projects
50% will go to hunger programs within the Susquehanna Conference
25% will go to national hunger projects through UMCOR
25% will to international projects through UMCOR

Through the generosity of the United Methodist congregations of our Susquehanna Conference, numerous projects and agencies within the conference boundaries received grants to continue their ministry to the hungry. Since they cannot thank you themselves, please accept my thanks on their behalf and on behalf of the World Hunger Task Force of the Missional Board of the Susquehanna Conference.

Many of you and your churches have responded to the Harvest Home for World Hunger Offering Sunday appeal, your annual support means a great deal to this committee and to those who receive the grants.  But the need continues across this annual conference to do all we can to help alleviate hunger in our land.

This year, November 19, 2023 has been designated by the annual conference as Harvest Home for World Hunger Offering Sunday.  As the chair of the World Hunger Task Force and on behalf of the committee, we are asking if you would receive an offering on behalf of hunger on that Sunday or at a time convenient for your congregation.

Each year we are asked if there are offering envelopes for this offering. We as a committee have discussed this possibility but have decided not to provide envelopes because we want every bit of this offering to go for its intended use to feed the hungry. That is exactly what happens; every dollar you give goes to help alleviate hunger needs.

So please be creative in how you collect this offering.  Let this committee know how creative your church was in receiving this offering.

If you have any questions about the application for funding from the 2023 Harvest Home for World Hunger Offering, even if you have received funding before you must apply each year to receive a grant.

Please make all checks payable to Susquehanna Conference UMC and in the memo space on your check write “World Hunger”.
If you are United Methodist have your treasurer kindly remit your offering on the “Treasurer’s Remittance Report” under C: Special Day Offerings – line 6 (Harvest Home for World Hunger Offering).

All other organizations, please forward ALL offerings to:
Susquehanna Conference
The United Methodist Church
303 Mulberry Drive
Mechanicsburg PA 17050-3179

We look forward to a future without hunger.  If we all work together it can be done.

Grace and Peace - Flo Waybright


Grant Application/Guidelines
Promotional Resources - Letter, Dated Bulletin Insert, General Bulletin Insert


If you have any questions contact:
Flo Waybright
Phone 717-225-5933
e mail:

Flo Waybright
Conference Secretary, Global Ministries

Michelle Schwartzman
Volunteers In Mission Coordinator